Owing to new EU Directives, such as EMIR and MiFiD, and the Dodd-Frank Act in the
US, the energy trading environment is rapidly changing, resulting in many major banks
exiting energy trading activities. B&A Capital bridges the gap between energy clients
and the market by providing access to both physical and financial markets.

B&A Capital has a wealth of connections to major oil / gas companies, utilities, industrial
companies, trading houses, brokers, live markets and governments. Whether you are a
large supplier looking to open up liquidity or a smaller supplier looking to gain access
to markets
or trading lines, B&A Capital can act as a link to market entry and quick
execution via exchanges and OTC.

With offices based in London and New York, we have a global network and actively
seek to invest in partnerships with customers, commodity producers and service
providers. We can provide a bespoke cross commodity service to our clients.